There comes a time in many women’s lives when they stop living life to please others and give themselves permission to live a life full of pleasure for themselves. I’m not exactly sure what it is, it is possibly quite different for every woman, but something happens to tip the scales, making the pain of disapproval much less than the pain of a life half-lived.

Many things can stand in the way of full, un-bridled, guilt-free pleasure, but maybe the most common and least-suspected perpetrator is this; we are simply not used to it. Women pursuing pleasure for themselves has been a very challenging subject for our culture for many generations. Women who satisfy themselves have in the past been painted as selfish, inconstant, superficial, jezebels, bad mothers or even mad, in our films, literature and conversation. What is it about a woman’s pleasure that excites such heavy criticism, fascination and fear? If we look at other things that have historically incurred censure from religion and other fairly authoritarian religions we can see that activities leading to self-expression, creative and mental freedom, joy, spontaneity, individuality and independence have all excited criticism; especially if they cannot be controlled.

“Excites criticism” is a strange phrase isn’t it? Could it be that denying women their natural pleasure has, in years gone by, given some men and women pleasure of a less natural kind? Now we see the perversity in denying natural pleasure. Ideas should not come between us and our hearts, however well they are formulated or how cleverly they are argued. Permission for our own pleasure comes from no one except ourselves.

So, is a woman who pleases herself also a woman who is not easily silenced, coerced and controlled? I believe so. A woman who is not able to consider herself as a full person, who does not feel her worth deeply, who does not allow herself the pleasures of the land she lives in, is living a half-life. She is living from an idea of who she is rather than her spirit, and this prevents her from tapping into her own natural power, intellect, intuition and insight.

So, Woman, if you are ready to allow yourself to become, to feel and to be, living life fully, there are women here waiting to help you take that first step.

Stepping into your birthright can be a little scary at first…

Then with practice…

As easy as sitting in the warm sun, breathing in the scented steam of your tea, while you run your toes through the cool grass.

Suzanne Waterworth is a acupuncturist, energy worker and self development coach, Read more

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