Our story

Behind every good idea is a great woman, in this case two! Shh… was created by two professional women – one from the fast paced world of media, the other from the health and wellbeing industry.

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Vikki’s journey

I was born in South East London to a single mum who suffered from depression. She had been fostered as a child, suffering abuse and lack of love. As a result, she wasn’t well prepared to play mum to me as I grew up or provide a positive female role model.

Not only did I have to be very independent from a very young age, I also had to contend with being around the wrong people. I got a lot of unwanted attention, which led to sexual abuse. Without a father to protect me, or to help me learn about healthy male relationships, I coped by turning my femininity and sexuality to my own advantage and was very promiscuous and sexually adventurous. As a younger woman I defined myself through how attractive men found me, and this took away from other aspects of myself as a person.

I managed to have a very successful career in media, punching into the male-dominated world of media sales and making a name for myself as a tough deal-maker. Meanwhile, in my personal life I did manage some long-term and rewarding relationships. But even as I found happiness with the man who went on to become my husband, our relationship was so focused on our sex life that other elements of our friendship suffered. I still associated some elements of our happiness around my sexual being, and we pushed the limits of our sexual adventures together.

As my trust in the relationship grew, I found my past coming back to haunt me. I had blocked out the sexual abuse I had suffered as a child, but some of those experiences were coming back to me in my dreams. Shortly after we got married I decided to take things into my own hands and take part in the Hoffman Process; an intensive course of counseling and other therapies.

Going through the process brought back the abuse of my past and allowed me to deal with it head-on. I acknowledged who I had been and got ready to move on to a more authentic me. But while the process successfully emptied me of my past, I returned home not knowing who I was on a physical level. I questioned my sexually adventurous past and realised I didn’t know which elements of my sensual self were genuinely a part of me, and which came as a way of dealing with my abuse. I desperately needed to bridge the gap and looked for further therapy, but nothing seemed to exist.

Lucy’s journey

I was born in Somerset into a loving family, who supported and encouraged me in all my endeavors. I was drawn to sport and discovered I was naturally talented in a number of disciplines, but it was swimming that I excelled in. I started competing at nine years old and reached international level around my teenage years.

Growing up as an athlete, my body was a tool to get me from A to B as fast as possible. This left me only really understanding my body in an athletic way and not at all in a sensual way. I was extremely confident about my body as an object of power, but as far as femininity was concerned, I had no idea and wasn’t interested either.

While all my friends were finding out about their sexuality and sensuality in their formative years, I was more concerned about reaching personal bests and I defined myself on my achievements as a swimmer and the very unique way I lived my life.

I went on to have a career in the health and fitness industry, and being successful in my work became the most important part of my identity. Due to pushing myself hard and being a determined and competitive person, later on in my life I developed ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This had a big impact on my relationships and I found I had very little interest in being intimate and my femininity took a further knock.

I realised it was time to take action. I wanted to learn more about myself and understand the negative patterns of my past, which might be holding me back or even keeping me in illness, so like Vikki I also did the Hoffman Process. This gave me amazing clarity and freedom and led me to begin exploring Tantric sensuality and bodywork. I soon discovered the groundbreaking effects it can have on women; myself included. Making this connection to my inner femininity has given me a new confidence and enabled me to start enjoying my body in an entirely different way. It is this wisdom I hope to share through Shh…
So, to cut a long story short, we combined our experience, skills and beliefs, and we gave birth to Shh… We felt that we wanted to do something to help shift the taboo around women’s sensuality and sexual awareness. We believe all women should understand, appreciate and celebrate their femininity. We also believe that connecting with our sensuality is the key to self-confidence, creativity and living a full and rich life.

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