Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a pioneering body-awareness approach to releasing trauma-based blocks. It focuses on experiencing the body-mind’s natural healing capacities to resolve physical, emotional and psychological wounding.

It teaches us how to sensitively integrate mindfulness, relaxation, movement, imagination and emotion to release subtle contractions in the body and safely open up to a more relaxed, loving and liberated experience of ourselves and others.

Somatic Experiencing was – and is still being – developed by American psychotherapist Peter A. Levine PhD. He believes that trauma symptoms arise from a frozen residue of highly charged fight or flight energy. And that trauma is primarily a physiological phenomenon not an incurable life sentence.

By observing wildlife, Peter discovered that the key to healing traumatic stress naturally is to safely release the high arousal energy trapped in an individual’s nervous system. When this happens, the part of them that has been stuck in the past naturally returns to the present and to a sense of relaxed wholeness. Peter believes that far from being a life sentence, trauma can actually be a catalyst for profound transformation.