Sensual bodywork

Sensual bodywork has a profoundly nurturing quality and can take you into a deeply connected awareness with your body, allowing the nervous system to be soothed and to feel safe. Feeling safety in the body is the fundamental groundwork in opening to a deeper more fulfilled sexual relationship.

Due to the sensual nature of this work the body opens to other levels of awareness with your energetic anatomy, improving your ability to experience pleasure. The skin contains up to 230 touch receptors per square inch. The skin is one big erogenous zone. The language of touch within these sessions is of sensual and energetic awakening.

Working with the entire body in this way heightens your ability to explore and prolong pleasure and can enhance the intensity of your sexual experience with your lover or with yourself and leaves you feeling whole and connected.

Sometimes trauma or emotion that is held in the muscles arises and by using pressure, breath and conscious attention we can begin to release this emotional ‘armouring’ and awaken the body to higher levels of experience, pleasure and letting go of what is holding you back sexually. Sensual bodywork sessions guide you into deeper conscious experience of the aliveness of the moment, throughout your body, throughout your senses.

It is a training in being surrendered to the truth of what is alive in us right now – beyond all preference and desire. Many clients say that the sessions awaken a subtle awareness within them, enabling them to feel ‘refreshingly open’ and more alive yet completely relaxed. Sensation is actually life moving through your body and through your awareness and when you learn to allow it and welcome it, be fascinated with it – all of it – then you flow with life and this is ecstatic.