Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) quickly uncovers the trauma, fears, old memories and attached emotions behind the issue or condition you’re facing. EFT combines gentle tapping on the bodies’ energy meridian points while focusing on the feeling or issue we want to change. These actions balance and restore the energy system, relieving psychological stress and physiological pain.

In addition to addressing the deeper aspects behind the scenes of the issue or condition, EFT is invaluable at controlling the symptoms of conditions such as stress, anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks. EFT also enables and creates a deeper love and acceptance of yourself, increasing self-love, profound happiness and flow in your life.

Reasons why EFT is so good for women’s sensuality healing:

  • Tapping on the body’s energy meridian lines naturally unblocks any disruption (stopping energy, vitality and nourishment reaching organs and cells) and improves energy flow and vitality around the body.
  • With EFT, it is possible to be very specific and quickly uncover any limiting beliefs, fears or trauma behind the scenes of any issue or topic relating to sensuality and intimacy.
  • EFT helps release any old or stuck emotions, trauma, fears which are stopping your connection to your inner self and senses.
  • The treatment enables and creates a deeper love and acceptance of yourself, which is very beneficial as your happiness depends on how you feel about yourself, first.
  • The tapping aspect naturally calms the body down and relieves any anxieties or stress relating to situations of intimacy or sensuality.
  • An EFT treatment enables the client to feel empowered, as they are ‘doing the work’ – identifying the fears, traumas, limiting beliefs. The practitioner is just the facilitator.
  • On a general level, EFT (if you regularly use it) increases your ability to be calm and relaxed in all situations.