If I’ve never been in therapy, can I come on a Shh… retreat?
Shh… is open to all. Some of our guests will have undertaken therapy, but it certainly isn’t a prerequisite. All guests undertake an assessment to ensure that Shh… is right for them. If not, we can help steer you in the right direction to start or indeed carry on with your journey.
Do I have to do anything before attending?
We ask all Shh… guests to complete an enrolment form detailing your medical and therapeutic history, which will be reviewed by our practitioners. Once you have secured your dates a member of the Shh… team will be in touch to arrange a 30 minute call with your guide.
What clothes should I bring?
Clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in. Lounge and active wear would be suitable. Comfortable footwear and warm items just in case it gets chilly in the evenings. Please also bring some form of swimwear.
Will I have to share a room with someone else?
Space for each woman to breathe and grow is of the utmost importance, so you will have your own bedroom and bathroom.
Can I leave the retreat at any time?
Due to the intensive nature of Shh… your time with us will bring up emotional energies that might be confusing and difficult for you to understand and deal with. Therefore we strongly advise you stay within the grounds of the retreat, not only for your wellbeing, but also for the best group dynamics possible. We have carefully chosen the venues for our retreats for the comfort and personal space they provide for each woman.
What happens after the retreat?
After you have left the retreat we understand your aftercare is extremely important. Integration into your normal life can be challenging so we provide a well rounded, specially tailored aftercare package for three months after the retreat. In addition, you will also be a member of Shh… and have a community of women to share and talk with as you make your way back into everyday life.
What is the difference between a Shh… retreat and a spa?
We are in beautiful Spa-like surroundings, but Shh… is a tailor-made, immersive, guided programme designed to change your life for the better using a unique set of principles. Each session or therapy builds on the last, forming a continuous transformational journey.