What women say about Shh…


“I can best describe the experience as having a warm and cozy blanket wrapped around you that you get to take home and use throughout your life.  Thank you Shh… for giving me my groove back!” Michelle Cooper | USA | May 2015

“Thanks to you all so very much for what has truly been a precious experience. I could really feel the passion of the founders and was really touched by their fairy godmother touches all weekend. It’s interesting how the little things impact. They also have an eye for the very best in therapists and women, I believe… they were all so special. I’ve done a lot of this sort of therapy and was very moved by the women’s work and their deep approach. The whole experience has been exquisitely crafted.” Sophie Benge | UK | Tatler Magazine

“Thank you, Shh, for such a powerful, beautiful and life-affirming experience. Every woman deserves a Shh retreat at some point in their lives.” Lucy Latchmore | UK | May 2015

“Shh is the fantasy island of the residential therapy weekend.  You immediately sense that this is the future of the spa retreat which is also why it feels so exciting to be here, buoyed up by the pioneering energy of Vikki and Lucy as well as other women who are going through this amazing experience with you.” Stephanie Theobold | UK | The Sunday Times

“Thank you Shh… for one of the best retreats of my career.” Caroline | UK | Queen of Retreats

“The experience feels like Babington House meets Anais Nin meets a re-branded new age.” Style Magazine | UK | The Sunday Times

“Experiencing a Shh… retreat is an extraordinarily rare gift indeed amidst an increasingly perplexing world for women in relation to how they themselves, and how others, view and treat their bodies. It is not for the faint hearted!  But it is most definitely for any woman who is ready and motivated to be open and honest about wanting help to change her own individual internal perspective of her body – how she thinks, feels and behaves towards it. I am really unable to put into words my gratitude to the whole loving Shh… team and to the other incredibly brave women who shared this path with me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Kim | UK | November 2014

“When I decided to go to the Shh….. retreat, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but the idea of maybe finding my inner Sophia Loren was exactly what I was needing. I laughed, cried a little and listened a lot. The therapists were the best to be found, anywhere. They tended to my every need and enjoyed doing so. Not something that happens for most women these days. I walked away with a sense of myself that was uncovered after many years and felt like I never had before, an inner and outer goddess moving through space with new eyes. Maybe more like floating. Every woman on the planet should have a week like this.” Jan aka Sophia | Colorado | May 2015

“I would describe Shh… as life changing, and I would say don’t buy the latest designer handbag or shoes which are a short term fix. Invest in yourself, go to Shh… and change you life. It doesn’t matter what age you are, change is possible.”Anon | UK | November 2014

“Though I’ve tried numerous therapies and treatments, I found the Shh… experience unique and deeply satisfying.  It was an opportunity to focus on myself unashamedly and to discover and re-discover me, while letting go of limiting beliefs and thoughts. I feel I’ve entered a new matrix, and because of this reality and this way of being. How uplifting for my me — mind, body and spirit!” Anon | UK | September 2014

“It’s a gift to give to yourself and probably the single best gift as a woman for self discovery” Anon | UK | May 2014

“Shh… is very good value for money, on the first day it had already been worth it” Anon | UK | May 2014

“It was a unforgettable and life changing experience for me. All the therapists are excellent and I felt safe in their hands. I could feel their heart and devotion in their work what is really rare (that includes Vikki, Lucy and all the other staff).” Anon | Germany | November 2014

“I feel like a changed person since coming home from Shh. I have not felt so comfortable in my own skin for years.  This has had a really positive knock-on effect on my home and work life too. Shh was like a cleanse for the soul.” Anon | UK | May 2014


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