About Shh…

Being a woman means being many things: mother, lover, daughter, friend and career woman. Sometimes, in trying to fulfil these roles, we lose our sense of self and our femininity, and with it, our confidence.

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Shh… host intensive retreats and workshops that support women through an immersion of self-discovery and life-long change. Run by women for women, Shh… give you the tools and confidence to live your life to its very best. Our retreats are held in beautiful surroundings, ensuring a rich and vivid experience.

Through your personalised programme you will reconnect with your body and nurture a greater awareness of yourself. You’ll learn useful techniques that will help you shed patterns that no longer serve you, and that will cultivate your femininity and draw passion back into your life.

The body holds memories of emotional stress and negative energy. If these are not released from the body, they can leave us blocked, disconnecting us from who we are.

Whether you have difficulties expressing your sensual self, feel stuck in a relationship, or simply feel you’re not getting the best out of your life, Shh… can help. We know how important sensual health is to each woman, and how deeply it affects all aspects of life. You will connect with yourself and others on a deeper level, and feel more confident, authentic and creative in your daily life.

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